Red Ribbon Club

Main objective:
     To increase the knowledge and skills among college going students to prevent themselves from HIV/AIDS
The program mainly focuses on the following: 

           Abstaining from sexual activity as the most effective and only certain way to avoid HIV infection
           The development of skills for practicing abstinence
           The importance of abstinence in eliminating the risk of HIV transmission among unmarried individuals
           The decision of unmarried individuals to delay sexual debut until marriage
           The adoption of social and community norms that support delaying sex until marriage and that denounce cross-
              generational sex, rape and other forced sexual activity

Activities of Red Ribbon Club

           Establishing Abstinence Club/enrolling student members
           Help to identify and train peer educators
           Sensitization program for principal and teachers
           Installation of Information and Display Board with permanent abstinence focused message
           Providing abstinence focused HIV/AIDS education through IPC activities by PEs
           Identify students who are practicing risk behaviors/hang-outs/risk sites nearby the college
           BCC through interpersonal communication by trained peer educators for students at risk
           Referral and follow-up for counseling/VCT services/treatment for RTI/STI (who are identified as at-risk students/infected
              with RTIs/STIs)
           Help to identify and provide ToT on traditional media and street theatre
           Formation of sub groups/cultural team
           Conducting BCC events, viz., street play, exhibitions, slide shows, video shows, etc.
           Conducting scientific section on sexual health and HIV/AIDS
           Distribution and Display of IEC materials
           Using mass media to generate support from general population especially form parents community

Monitoring System
           Weekly peer educators meeting conducted by Key Coordinato
           Monthly meeting for Key Coordinators conducted by Project Officer of Project – A
           Monthly Technical Report (MTR)

Recording System:
           Registers – details of members, peer educators, ToT & Subgroup, volunteers (directory), advisory committee members,
              BCC Events, Counseling and follow-up, etc.
           Files – Correspondence, MTRs, etc.
           Report for training programs, WAD and any other special programs
           List of NGOs working in HIV/AIDS, HCPs, 2 



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