Literary Club

The Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and Technology has initiated a literary club under the guidance of our patron
Shri M.K.Rajagopalan,
(Chairman, SriBalaji Educational and Charitable Public Trust, Chennai)
Administrator Shri.V.Bhaskaran
The members of the literary club invites you to grace the inaugural function of our club "INK" with your esteemed presence on 29th Sept 2010.
About INK...
More than just our moribund urban life where the people are likely and unknowingly competitors in the urban rat race reigning around, there lays a different world which we call utopia. Utopia is a land lying beneath the canopy of imagination, illuminated by spectrum of colours where the heart speaks more than the brains. In the current world of reality, utopia is a rare dream. So to bring about the essence of utopia in reality is essential. It moulds life as pristine, pious yet lively. Ink is something that relates to beauty, imagination and vibrancy. Ink aids us to pen down an autobiography and a strike of it can fame or defame its worth. So seeking in mind the imagination, the spectrum and the beauty of life brings about a progressive relief and boon to our minds.
Taking this into account our college has come up with Ink, the literary club with the splendid motive of enlightening minds so as to stand against the hindrances which they are likely to face once they enter the corporate world.
The club intends to achieve the following goals-
•  Enhancing soft skills of the students.
•  Encourage students to participate in public forums.
•  Boosting the self confidence of the students.
•  Help them to stand out amongst the league of peers and experience.
The students will be guided by well experienced and industry interfaced lecturers and professors from inside and outside the college.
On 30 th of August, 2010, INK was initiated and received a marvellous response from the students and approximately 200 registrations on the inception date gives testimony to popularity and support to the proposal and its initiation. The club will be organising guest lectures by eminent personalities so as to make the upcoming professionals aware of the recent continuing trends in the market. The students will be encouraged to participate in public forums such as group discussions, panel interviews, debates and more as such.
A student council, web forum, newsletter, and a proposed library add to the credits of the club.
News and events-
•  INK finally flags off on the 29 th of September,2010
On 29 th sept,2010 the literary club of RGCET will be officially inaugurated by our honourable Principal Dr. Vijaya Krishna Rapaca and our adroit chief guest Mr. Victor Anand, Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies (Pondicherry university) at the college seminar hall.



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